Mark’s Vision


Learn more about how Mark will do more for District 1.

Mark Parker has a Vision for the First District that will improve the well-being of Baltimoreans across lines of class, race, ethnicity, language, age, and geography.

A Growing City

Everyone in Baltimore deserves to live in, to grow up in, to grow old in communities of safety, opportunity, diversity, and mutuality. Mark’s Vision includes encouraging housing for people of different incomes and circumstances, investments in public spaces and recreation, and support for community-level economic development.

A Healthy City

Everyone in Baltimore deserves to be safe, happy, and healthy. Mark’s Vision includes treating violence in Baltimore as a public health crisis, providing appropriate interventions and support for young people, and addressing the needs of our most vulnerable residents with an eye on restorative practices. Essential city services such as trash, recycling, treated water, and wastewater need increased oversight, accountability, and effectiveness.

A Connected City

Everyone in Baltimore deserves to live, work, learn, and play in harmony. Mark’s Vision includes infrastructure improvements that center on making Baltimore a more walkable, bikeable city for all. Mark will be deeply engaged in conversations and decision-making around permanent and significant investments in East-West transit connecting communities with one another, and people with opportunities for employment and education.

A Thriving City

Everyone in Baltimore deserves the opportunity to earn a living wage and be connected with opportunities to support themselves and their families. Mark’s Vision includes an emphasis digital equity, connected neighborhoods, and world-class public schools. Mark will work alongside our small and locally-owned businesses to help increase economically-just employment opportunities for all our residents.